This is the Dream

by Ruth Acuff

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    "A fanciful imagination and a firm footing in the stuff of earth come together like dance partners in "This is the Dream," a shimmering new set from singer, songwriter and harpist Ruth Acuff."
    — Aarik Danielsen, The Columbia Daily Tribune

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released February 23, 2013

Ruth Acuff: Harp, Voice
Jeff Mueller: Bass, Electric Piano, Percussion, Guitar, Voice
Mary Leibovich: Voice, Bell Kit
Greg Spillman: Cello (1, 7,10, 11)
Brian Kent: Drums & Percussion (3, 5, 7, 8)
Phylshawn Johnson: Drums (1, 9)
Silas Acuff: Djimbe (1)
Susan Acuff: Voice (5, 6, 10)
Matt Epstein: Electric Guitar (9)
Robbie Acuff: Drums (3)

Cover collage by Jacques Prévert © Fatras / J. Prévert Estate



all rights reserved


Ruth Acuff Columbia, Missouri

Heart, harp, light, dark, balance, equality, passion.

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Track Name: Cocoon
Take me down to the water,
lay me down in the stream.
Let the water flow around me,
like the breezes through the trees.
Take all of your hopes and dreams,
Take all of your fantasies,
And make them come true for me,

When you're wondering what you're doing,
Take a deep breath in and out.
When you're wondering if it's worth it,
What this life is all about.
Remember when we had that meeting,
And I didn't know your name,
But I felt somehow I knew you,
And we've never been the same.

It's gonna be okay. You're gonna make it through.
It's gonna be okay for you.

You're stronger than you thought you were.
Your roots are deeper than you knew.
And when you thought that you had failed,
I watched you pulling right on through.

It's gonna be okay. You're gonna make it through.
It's gonna be okay for you.
Track Name: To Do
Walking down the street with you baby,
you think I'm drunk, but I'm just crazy.
You ask me what I know, it sets my mind to roll,
what do I know, what do I know?

I know how to clean, and read, and sew.
I know how to plant and watch it grow.
I know how to love and help a friend.
I know how to laugh, or hold it in.

I can find a river by it's smell.
Pay my peace to nature's pioneers.
What I know is far beyond my fears,
open up the window you will hear.

To do, to do to do is all I know.
To do, to do to do is all I know.
I know. I know.

I can see the color in your face,
feel your great achievements and disgrace.
I can cry and darling I can crow,
break me open, darling watch me glow.

To do, to do to do is all I know.
To do, to do to do is all I know.
I know. I know.

When I'm in my bodily dying bed,
do not worry, darling, where I'll go.
Let me rest in peace with what I know.
Track Name: Right Now
Wait for it. Wait for it.
You put the seed in, into the soft ground.
You want to see it sprout, see it right now.
You want to smell it, you want to taste it, right now.

You've got to show it that you care now,
You've got to know it, really deep down.
It'll grow if you give it address right now.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it.

Work for it. Work for it.
Like a callus on a finger, over time it just makes you stronger,
than if you had it, if you took it right now.
Put the time in, and the effort, you will find you get what you deserve.
You will find all truly right now.

Wait for it. Work for it. Wait for it. Work for it.

If you want it, here's a secret,
you can have it, if you believe it.
Wait for it, work for it,
Right now.
Track Name: Chicago
Over here, over there, you will see the extra time they spent
to cool us off and give us time to breathe.
The road was long and hot.
I was sitting on my butt, swinging my feet.
The rain came down and seeped through tiny cracks,
It dripped and slipped down sweaty people's backs.
We saw a rainbow, and it gave us hope that we would get to
The people on the bus were fairly friendly.
They had in common one destination city.
I listened to the laughter and the snoring.
The children in the back weren't to annoying.
I swayed with the bus, rhythmic creep.
I watched my dearest friend drift off to sleep.
Track Name: Merry Maker
I believe you'll never reach your prime until your death bed.
You keep getting better all the time, you're not stopping.

Oh all that you've been through, and darling look at you,
You're a glowing planet brightening up my universe.

I love you more than you'll ever know. Forever.
I'll never, no never never, let you go.

I'll always think of you, and do what you would do,
Cause I want to be that ray of sun you are to me.
Track Name: Queen Ann's Lace
When you see my face, think Queen Ann's Lace.
Beautiful, wild and free.

I can grow anywhere.
Take my hand, we can share.

You can feel the air, you can feel so light. X2

When you take my place, continue on this race,
Think of me, wild and free.
(But) Be who you want to be.

You can grow anywhere.
You will see, people care.

You can feel the air, you can feel so light.
X2, Bridge, X2
Track Name: Calcium
My bones are broken, but still the same.
The same old calcium rearranged.
Ten short years, tell me what has changed,
to make you forgive all that pain.
Did you not realize your ocean bed?
You were breathing in that water,
drowning over your head.
I heard you from below, the padding of your soles.
You did not know where I was and your blood had run cold.
Step outside and give a voice
to the love you have,
Baby it's your choice.
You complain of the darkness,
but you must know,
If you want to see a spark,
Give yourself a chance to grow.
Please, see this as a way I express
I do truly love you.
I yearn for your happiness.

I know what they did, how they made it grow.
They gave you something you'd never let go.
Now I suggest that you hold on tight,
for the rest of your life,
You'll be living the rest of your life.
You'll never know all the tears I've cried.
How I've tried and tried, tried and tried,
To fit in with you.
I'm not through.
I will never give up on you.
Even if you start to change,
your new face will be a welcome strange.
Please, see this as a way I express,
I do truly love you,
I yearn for your happiness.
Track Name: Rock Candy Rot
I was sugar and you were heat.
You were burning and I was sweet,
soft and powdery, clean and pure.
You got under and turned it up.

Melting me. X2

Then you left, and I cooled off.
Then you left and I turned hard.

Rock candy in a cold canteen.
Eat me up and I'll rot your teeth.
Keep on eating and you will see,
you've turned into a cavity.

Empty, just like me.

I can not shift the blame.
I can not, it's all my fault.

You had all the good looks of your father,
classic fashion, sense from your mother.
You looked so cool.
Friends surrounding you.

I did not fit your code.
I did not, and you turned mean.

Now anyone who will give me a taste
spits me into the palm of their hand.
Finding the hard sticky mess I have made
they will wash me off soon as they can.
So sad.
Track Name: Pas Seul
What I thought was strong and sturdy is blowing in the wind.
What I thought was beautiful is overlooked through talking.
Some of us keep on going, knowing what we know.
Others ride the roller coaster of saying "yes" then "no".

The balloon is blowing through the rose garden.
Then here comes the wind, rushing us it says pardon,
as it sweeps us up!

This breeze is helping us along.
It has more integrity than we give it credit for.
No use in trying to be strong, flexibility can make us much happier.

I know that you have something beautiful.
A spark in the darkness so quickly inspires us
To Pas Seul.

Step out, dancing for yourself, in spite of someone else.
They don't know who you are.
This dance is made for only one,
There's no stopping what has begun.

I know that you have something beautiful.
A spark in the darkness so quickly inspires us
To Pas Seul.
Track Name: Winter
Step out into the road, two feet of glowing snow still falling.
There on your shoulders rest, a speckled dust
from heaven forming.

Each sparkling flake has no mistake or failing.

A lake of frozen ice, snow angel paradise, alluring.
A piece of frozen fruit still smells of soft perfume like honey.

Silver tongued trees bow down to mother earth.

Earth. X2

Each muted step you take, the beat to birds parade of chirping.
Icicle sticking tight reflect the golden light divinely.

Frosted hue, holding to it's mother earth.

Earth. X2
Track Name: From Nothing
What was that feeling?
I was blooming like a dandelion.
Bleeding white milk,
Stretching for the sun.
Stretching for the sun.

Wishing for warm weather,
While I went to get a sweater.
I was blue cold.
Wishing on the moon.
Wishing on the moon.

Everything comes out of nothing from the start.
Everything turns into something,
Our universe.
Our universe.

Pedal to the metal.
Pencil to the page.
Perfect stroke of gold.
Reaching for the stars.
Reaching for the stars.

Everything comes out of nothing, from the stars.
Everything turns into something,
Our universe.
Our universe.